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Nicole will take your audience on an amazing journey as she speaks about her inspirational and spiritual life and Near-Death journey. If you are interested in learning more about how Nicole would be an ideal fit and inspiration for your audience, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

What's Being Said

“Nicole is not only an inspiration, but she has the best sense of humor and incredible knowledge and experience. I loved her book and recording with her.  A forever friend was found.”

– Lyndsay Soprano, The Pain Game


“Nicole's story is absolutely incredible. The spiritual wisdom that she has gained from her NDE and her consistency to heal herself is absolutely motivating.” 

– Lino Martinez, Psy.D., A Little Less Fear


“Nicole was a wonderful guest to have had. Her story was amazing! She left you with a positive and real understanding about our lives here and beyond. She was able to give great detail about her experience and how it’s changed her life for good.  Leaving us with a message to love one another.”

– Chris Levens, Glass Half Full


“Nicole was AMAZING! I simply loved her openness and authenticity in discussing her life views. Truly amazing guest that knows her material and if you are looking for a guest that can contribute to a conversation on life and purpose - look no further. I'd have her back on my show in a heartbeat.”

– Ken Hannaman, Ungraduated Living


“Nicole has a beautiful story and message for humanity about not fearing death. Her energy and authenticity really came through in our show. She is a vibrant and fun guest!”

– Tonia Marie, The Existential Empath


“Nicole is an A + guest to have on and the conversation was full of great gems.”

– I Am Refocused Radio

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