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#1 Bestseller


A Near-Death Experience Taught Me How to Fully Live and Not Fear Death

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Why Nicole Wrote The Book

Initially, Nicole wrote this book as a way to help get the message out to not be afraid of death.  She literally has notes going back to 2009 when she started writing about her accident, but what she didn’t realize was that writing the book actually was one of the primary ways in her healing journey. In essence, she was writing it to heal herself.  Now, she hopes it is effective in helping you heal any fears you have about death.


My True Conversion

All of us fear death. That fear remains below the surface of conscious awareness most of the time for most of us, and yet none of us remains immune. After all, what is fear if not the body’s reaction to the possibility of its own end? 


Name any fear. Fear of poverty. Fear of failure. Fear of abandonment. Any you can come up with, I can trace it back to this primal fear of death. The body is a collection of programs, all of them designed for survival. 


But I fear rejection, you tell me. That’s not about dying. 


Isn’t it, though? As a child, your body very much needed the support of your parents in order to survive. You physically needed their acceptance. On a grander scale, we have needed acceptance in the human tribe for physical survival, too, along with emotional well-being. If you fear rejection, at least part of that fear comes from your body’s fear of death.


Eventually, however, all of those programs will one day fail. You will die. The body you inhabit will cease and start decomposing. Why, then, do I make the audacious claim that you are deathless?


I will spend the entire book answering it. Along the way, I hope you, too, will find answers. Insights. Understanding of your own relationship to the big stuff like God, the meaning of life, how to live well, and, yes, how to die. I’m talking about your own answers here, not just mine. I don’t promise to deliver the five steps to instant happiness or the three easy and simple techniques that will totally revamp your life. Just a bit of what I’ve learned from doing my own dance with death.


I feel deep, deep gratitude. In spite of – or maybe because of – the many challenges the crash has created for me, I am grateful for what happened. I am grateful for the many loving people who have helped me find my way through them. And I am grateful, deeply grateful, for the opportunity to share it all with you.


If death is an end, then I know for certain there is nothing final about it.


When Nicole Kerr hit the ground, she thought: I am going to die, yet death is not supposed to happen this way. I am just 19 years old. I still have things to do, places to go, deadlines to meet, so I cannot be dead. I don’t have time to be dead. Still, I think I am. This must be death. Rays of brilliant white light flood me from all sides. Streams of light cocoon me, wrapping every part of my being in a chrysalis of soothing waves.  Instead of the pain of impact, I feel rocked and held. This is bliss. No fear.


All of us fear death. For most of us, that fear remains below the surface of conscious awareness most of the time. What is fear if not the body’s reaction to the possibility of its own end? Eventually, you will die, so why, then, does Nicole Kerr make the audacious claim that you are deathless? 


In You Are Deathless, Nicole Kerr shares her journey about awakening to herself and the transforming work of aligning her soul, spirit, mind, and body. Through her own death, Nicole was forced to shed ascribed identities, such as being a people-pleaser, to instead develop an authentic, loving relationship with herself and God. 


Her story proves that we can put to death the punishing, angry God that man created. This allows the beautiful God of love and acceptance whom she encountered in her own death to emerge and accompany us in day-to-day life.


Nicole beautifully presents how her NDE was actually an STE: A Spiritually Transformative Experience. This aligns with the ten most common NDE lessons (Source: IANDS 2020 Annual Report), the first of which is We do not die. Nicole has persevered through enormous suffering and pain to create the life she now loves.


Nicole has seen what awaits you at the end of this life because she's been there, and she can assure you that it’s a new beginning more beautiful than you can now comprehend. A good death begins today, and with it, a great life. Through Nicole's death experience, you can learn how to live your life to the fullest. You can engage in your own metamorphosis without having to die like Nicole did.

A Near-Death Experience Taught Me How to Fully Live and Not Fear Death

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You Are Deathless
Prayer of Passing

Know that everything you do and everything you have done has been a contribution to The Whole. Bless-ed be who you are.

When the time comes for your Eternal Spirit to leave this Earthly body …

Your wings will unfurl, the breath of the wind will uplift you, and you will be born anew without effort.

For where you are going there is no pain, no fear, no heartache. There is only love.

You will breathe one last breath while your spirit occupies your physical body, and with the next in-breath you will breathe a breath of great Light. You will feel more love than you have known for a long, long time. For you are going Home.

In the turning of the seasons, the love within your heart, the love of your being has expanded into fullness and now settles in peace to rest.

In the dawn of ages, your spirit has celebrated your essence which, once again, is to be made new.

In the flowing of the rivers, know beyond a doubt of doubts the truth that your spirit is truly one with the Divine Whole.

One Heart … One Mind … One Spirit … One. 

You are the blessing. You are the peace. You are the love.

You are the Light within the holiness.

You are the Flight within the freedom.

You are the Essence in the center of the blossom.

This is who you are, and much, much more.

Much, much more.

~Anara Solray

Healing Potentials Unlimited, ©1999


"You are Deathless" by Nicole Kerr is a tale of this author's Near-Death Experience (NDE). As a cardiologist who watches people die quickly and slowly on a daily basis, I have never felt so connected to the patient experience and whole-heartedly have this author to thank for this.


Mrs. Kerr does an incredible job detailing the moments of her demise, the circumstances surrounding the event and keeps us engaged as she brings us through the years of trauma that followed. As she describes her experience, you can feel the emotional and physical pain but what's more important is the beauty and positivity that blossoms and grows from this experience.


What's more, it is not a flowery publication full of emotional nonsense that doesn't piece together cohesively, no- not at all. She uses a perfect amount of objective scientific evidence, real-world experience, psychological data/trauma medicine and spiritual references that make this a balanced and engaging read. I could not put it down. As she brings us through her journey, she teaches us the lessons that she needed to learn and explains why they were/still are important today.


I highly recommend this to anyone who has any interest in what happens on the other side, who wants to learn and grow from her life-altering experience and who struggles to understand what it all means down here on earth. She has brought me closer to patients but also closer to God, a seemingly impossible task, she does it all.”

- Marissa Lombardo MD, RPVI, FACC - Non-Invasive Cardiologist,

Medical Director of Echocardiography, Consultative Clinical Cardiologist



For those of you that are on the fence about whether life goes on after death I would like to offer two pieces (among hundreds) of scientific research that I encountered as a trained scientist for the CDC that might help you decide.  First, let me say there is evidence for:

  • Near-death out-of-body experiences,

  • After-death communications,

  • Past life memories,

  • Shared life memories,

  • Premonition that someone has died, and

  • Mediumship.

Nicole Kerr


International Near-Death Studies 2020 Annual Report

Nicole Kerr


10 Common NDE Lessons

You Are Deathless.png

The Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies

Trees and Mountains

Neuro Emotional Technique


Image by Jakub Kriz



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