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What A Year to Remember! My Dream Came True of Publishing My Book!

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

YEAH, YIPPE, I finally did it!!!

I am in gratitude as I write this blog – BIGGIE gratitude for all that has evolved with my book since I had my initial call on February 22, 2022, with the self-publishing company, PRESStinely, which I hired to take me to the next level – publication of my book.

When I handed over the manuscript (my baby that I had been writing for the past 13 years) to them in late March I breathed a sigh of relief. That is until their editor said I needed yet another round of editing to go from good to great. They were right, and Kristen in Raleigh, NC, did the final edits that took my baby to adulthood. That additional process added a couple of months to the timeline as well as some shocking news from a zoom call with my USAFA roomates (see Epilogue.) Instead of launching the book as initially planned in June, I pushed it back to August 28, 2022, exactly 39 years to the date of my car crash where I was pronounced dead. This was a Sunday and not exactly a day when people launch books. However, because of the significance of the event PRESStinely accommodated me.

LAUNCH – August 28, 2022

My launch was beautiful and filled with such love and beauty. It was on a gorgeous Sunday from 10 am-1 pm at a local French bakery, Mayte’s Sweets. We had mimosa’s, coffee’s, a beautiful cake and a brilliant selection of delicious pastries including macaroons! My husband Paul sang a song he wrote for me years ago called, “She Came Back- And Now She Wonders Why.” I read two excerpts from my book followed by a Q & A sessions. I enjoyed meeting new people and signing each book sold. Nice crowd of about 60 people. My heart was so full when we left. People started reading it right then and there.

Best Selling Book and Author Status- (blew me away)

Since its release I have become a best-selling author and the book a best seller in the NDE category-Truly unbelievable and completely overwhelmed:


Podcasting has been part of my marketing and I LOVE doing it. So far I have recorded 24 podcasts since the beginning of September-including 2 in Australia, 1 in England and 1 in Italy. The largest audience was the Jeff Mara show which had 15K views and roughly 850 comments. Here is the u-tube link:

All of the podcasts are located on my website – under the MEDIA section.

Note: I will also be featured on an International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS) webinar January 7th at 1 pm so watch for how to sign up for that.


My website got a complete makeover thanks again to PRESStinely. If you have not checked it please do! It truly reflects me and I think is beautiful!


I did my first speaking gig for the book for Kaiser Permanente – Los Angeles Division on Oct. 21st. After not speaking in front of audiences for a couple of years I was a bit nervous; however, as soon as I saw the crowd my public speaking legs came alive and it went amazingly well! Everyone in the audience received a copy of my book! And the line to sign was 30 minutes


My first author’s selling/exposure gig was New Bern’s annual Mumfest event held on Saturday, October 8th– biggest event of the year for this city! Our local bookstore, Next Chapter, hosts local authors so here I am!

My most recent author’s market was Nov. 20th as New Bern seeks to re-create a traditional author’s market. We had 36 local authors and over 100 books represented. So nice to meet other author’s and of course sell a few books! Bit cold that day.


Profound customer reviews (on Amazon) that make me get angel bumps (see below). Regarding reviews, I would like to invite you to please review my book. This is extremely important in terms of sales and priority with Amazon. The magic number (so I am told) is 100 reviews for Amazon to move your book up. AND people DO read the reviews. Here is the link to review -just scroll down to customer review. MANY THANK YOU. I am ½ there.


Audible version of my book read my moi! Already working on it as I realize 30% of the book market is in audibles. So stay tuned.

I had lots of ups and down during the 10 month process and I have come out aligned and ready to take on my new vocation as an Eternality Advocate. THANK YOU to all who have helped me along my journey and support my story! Please spread the word and continue the support!


Love, Nicole Angelique

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Nick Schimmel
Nick Schimmel
Dec 29, 2022

Great Book Nicole. It's very enlightening and the journey for you has not been easy. I really enjoyed it.


Dec 28, 2022

Terrific book!! Thank you for sharing your publishing journey as well. I’m so thrilled for you!! Lotsa love throughout the holidays and New Year!!

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