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2nd NDE recalled in detail 40 years later

May 6, 2023- 11:45 am

(Note I had a panic attack April 13, 2023, on the flight from Charlotte, NC to New Orleans when we hit turbulence for about 90 minutes. I was seat belted in, no way out, and not in control – at least I was in first class, had my meds and Paul (my husband) was there – but it was still awful! I believe this was the trigger for the details of the even below):

Doing a.m. meditation –

After almost 40 years I now know exactly what happened in my 2nd NDE – Sept. 16, 1983, a little over two weeks since the crash… this is what I recall:

My military angel, James, who has always been with me to protect me, is my grandfather on my father’s side. He has been in this angelic form and surrounding me since the car crash happened on August 28, 1983. James has never left me and fought hard to keep me on this earthly side (and he will not leave me till I pass over and he is no longer needed). Dr. Stewart (my surgeon) noted that I started coding (heart stopping) on the way to the operating room for an emergency surgery at one point. In the operating room, my hands were strapped down and my face had a covering over it. They did not put me all the way under anesthesia because they would lose me. I had a tube down my throat. I could hear voices, I could hear conversations, I could feel them making the slit in my stomach from my sternum to the pubic region pulling the incision open, and holding it with plastic clamps. There was a putrid smell, like burnt gumbo (my husband had made a pot of gumbo recently and I could not eat it -- every time he heated it up to eat I wanted to wretch).

The medical team were trying to deal with three bacteria that were not responding to antibiotics and were causing me to become distended/bloated and much sicker than I already was– sepsis and gangrene had set in. Dr. Stewart knew they needed to do a colostomy to divert the stool from the rectal area so it could heal so she went ahead with that procedure. I then proceeded to fly out of my body AGAIN. I was already sliced open and my energy body was as well. I flew out, and my Grandfather Angel James caught me so I did not go all the way back up to where we had been before on the night of the accident when I was pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, Dr. Stewart and her team were fighting to keep me alive and a Code Blue was issued for OR-1. Then they lost me. My heart stopped. Dr. Stewart waited, and then called the time of death. A surgical nurse went to the chapel to tell my parents I did not make it and she was so sorry. They needed to start making funeral arrangements.

While I was “dead” Angel James told me I had to get back in my body – but now with the colostomy and all these scars – my pain was compounded. I did not want to live on this earth anymore. It was just horrible. I did not want to come back. I really did not. But James told me I needed to and that he would always stay with me…and he has. He told me when the time was right I had a REALLY IMPORTANT message to tell people and that I needed to be the one to tell it: Do not fear death.

THEN out of nowhere – my heart started beating again. So another nurse ran back to the chapel to tell my parents my heart was going again. Dr. Stewart and her team finished sewing/clamping me up, put me on a ventilator and sent me to the recovery room. The sepsis and the gangrene and other bacteria responded to the treatment and the area where it was all coming from healed eventually, thanks to the colostomy. I never knew till much later in my treatment how close I was to losing my right leg to gangrene at this point as well.

It is estimated that this (my second) near-death experience lasted less than 2 minutes. All this time I was NEVER alone, Angel James was with me.

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Brent Beecham
Brent Beecham
25 พ.ค. 2566

I am also Class of 86, and recently lost my daughter to a tragic situation. I miss her dearly and it comforts me to know that a day will come when we reunite. Reading this post just reinforces that knowledge. Thank you.


Nicole Angelique Kerr
Nicole Angelique Kerr
14 พ.ค. 2566

FYI- I sent this to my surgeon, Dr. Stewart, and she confirmed it was accurate on May 14, 2023.

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