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Do not be afraid of death. Why did I write the book You Are Deathless?

Because we live in a death-denial society that is filled with fear(s) around this topic. And you cannot truly live your life when you are filled with fear – hence why we don’t want to think or talk about it.

My purpose was directly given to me by Spirit when my memory returned of my NDE twenty years after the actual event: do not be afraid of death. While seemingly quite simple, it has taken me almost another two decades to understand what that looks like for me. Now, I understand that purpose, and I have shifted my focus towards the spirituality that is essential to our wellness. In almost every book written, death itself is cloaked in a veil of gloom and doom. Death has a cloud of depression and negativity around it throughout our culture and society.

My own experience, along with those of hundreds of thousands of others, is 100% different. Death is absolute beauty, light, and loving-kindness on the other side.

Because death has been my great mentor more than once, I would like to share the ways it taught me how to use my mind and my feelings so that I could truly live. But this book is not a prescription. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I have spent too many years making detailed rules about what someone should or should not eat, drink, or take. Unfortunately, it has only proven to me how little this approach has to offer. A list of steps might seem comforting and make the task of healing appear more approachable. But it rarely inspires lasting healing.

As Dr. William Bloom states,

“Our lives are not just biological and psychological in this three-dimensional solid world.

We exist in a much greater narrative, expanding consciousness, growing love and compassion.

I want to magic away death’s gloom and doom. I want everyone at every age to understand

the cosmic context. Please do not misunderstand me. There is still suffering, grief, pain, loss and poignancy that we must carefully and compassionately hold and heal. But the cosmic context is benevolent and extraordinary. Knowing the true context enables us to live a happier life, to prepare

for our own graceful passing, and also to support others as they approach their own transition.”

With these words in mind, I am here to help change the world view, vibration, and cultural misunderstanding surrounding death. To do this, we have to start addressing the difficulties getting there (i.e. our fears).

So I have coined the term Eternality Advocate because our souls/Spirit are everlasting!

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