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That Book I Had In Me? Well, I Finally Birthed It!

Ever since my accident, especially once I remembered what happened almost 20 years later, people I tell my story to always said, “You ought to write a book about that.” And I’d say yeah, I know.

Have any of you ever been told that? Well, as with most things in life, it is easier said than done.

I knew I needed to get my story about, especially once I was given the specific mission of telling people not to be afraid of death. But I had no idea what that looked like.

First, let me reassure you there is a Divine timing for everything in your life, including book completions.

I have drafts of notes, paragraphs, and pages going back to 2009— that is 13 years. I have transcripts of interviews, medical records, police and investigative accident records, court transcripts, and even my Mom’s journal.

I took four writing courses I can recall in that time frame; probably the most well-known was the Hay House 2016 Writer’s Workshop Contest In Maui, HI. I submitted my then-titled manuscript: The Death of Me: How the Miracle of Dying Taught me to Live. Pulling that package together was no easy task-ask anyone who has done it. As you might have guessed, I did not win. However, I did make connections at that workshop. I found an excellent writing coach and editor, Michelle Williams, with Word Ninja Services. She and I have been working together off and on for five years. I didn’t realize it then, but I was writing about what I needed to heal. My head had been so disconnected from my body regarding emotions that the writing (and the NETwork) helped me embody the feelings.

I did so many writing prompts I thought it would never end— most of which did not go into the final version of the book. My book completely shifted about two years ago when I moved to New Bern, NC. Because you see, I had finally come home to me. I was born at Camp LeJeune Marine Corp base in Jacksonville, NC, which is 30 minutes away-so literally came full circle.

I did not have a regular practice of getting up every morning and writing as most writers do. That is because I was embodying my story as I wrote it— processing, in other words. We write what we know best, and this book is my life. But putting myself out there in such a vulnerable way is scary.

I invite you to go to Amazon to buy the book— You Are Deathless: A Near-Death Experience Taught Me How to Fully Live and Not Fear Death (8/28/22 launch date) or download the free chapter from my website. Let me know what you think!


Something To Think About:

By the numbers: Now that the self-publishing business is booming— Amazon has 11 million books and 3,000 come out each day— don’t let those figures be daunting to you; add yours to that!

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